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Who are the writers?
Our people are among the most talented in the industry.
Dan Lambert
   Dan Lambert is an educator and writer based in Inglewood, California. He teaches English at Santa Monica College. He has taught English Composition and Literature at five of the nine campuses which comprise the Los Angeles Community College District. He has worked as an Adjunct Instructor of English at East Los Angeles College since 2000.
   Dan is the recipient of the Shakespeare award from TPAC (the Torrance Performing Arts Consortium) for his poem “My Ode to Joy.” Dan’s fiction, articles, and poems appear in such publications as Easy Reader, Torrance People, Pablo Lennis, Belle Fleur, Other Worlds, Wrapped in Plastic, The Gamer, and Games Unplugged. His poetry also appears in the anthologies Timeless Voices, Faces of Love, The Manuscripter Volume II, and Sci-Fi Fan II. His work for The Write Stuff!, the newsletter of The Southwest Manuscripters writers’ club, has earned him the title of senior editor.
   Please visit Dan’s LinkedIn profile online at:
Elijah Hammond
   Elijah Hammond is a follower of Christ,  married with three children, and a native New Mexican. He is an avid role-player and a big Star Wars fan. He enjoys gaming as a whole and has played many RPGs from existing systems for casual play. He has been Game Mastering since 2003. He also loves to play card, board, and video games.
   Elijah has been converting portions of older Star Wars edition RPG supplements to work with the newer Saga Edition. He has already converted a large portion of races for use with Saga Edition that has been published in The Sorcerer's Scrolls issue 47. He is currently working on expanding that list of races and creating new campaign supplements.
Jarrod Camiré
  Jarrod Camiré is a technician currently working for the MTQ (Ministère des Transports du Québec) who discovered Dungeons & Dragons at the end of his CEGEP in 1989  with The Red Box and who played every edition since that time (and tried many other games besides). His first works and articles have  been published recently in Azagar’s Book of Rituals from Goodman Games and The Sorcerer’s Scrolls from  Zarathustra Publishing. Jarrod has also been among the ten finalists of the first King of the Monsters contest  held by Kobold Quarterly and won The Monster MashUp Contest held by Nevermet Press. He has recently  launched his own line of products under the Taurus Twelve label,  which are available at and and he wants to thank Tori Bergquist and Michael Evans for their advices and  encouragements regarding this venture.
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