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About Us
The Sorcerer's Scrolls was originally created by Tori Bergquist in the 80's.  It quickly became one of the largest and most popular fanzines for RPG material. 
Mr. Bergquist strove for the highest quality in his product, and focused on games that were not D&D.  The magazine grew a large fan base many of whom continue to support us today.
The printed version of the magazine disappeared during the new millennium, but was brought back just a few years ago.
In 2009 Mr. Bergquist hired Jeremiah Griffin as a writer, then as an editor.  Mr. Griffin was quickly promoted to editor and chief.  Recently, the magazine in its entirety has been handed into Mr.Griffin's care.  This was done so that Mr. Bergquist could have more time to create game materials and use less time with the administrative duties of the publication of the magazine itself.  He is still highly active in its production, as a writer and editor, he continues to make sure the publication retains much of its original feel.
The Sorcerer's Scrolls will continue to be a voice for gamers who wish to play with quality supplements and will renew its focus on games not related to the world's biggest role playing game.  Though we still like that one too.
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