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The Sorcerer's Scrolls Magazine
   What is the Sorcerer's Scrolls magazine?  We are your best source for independent Role Playing Game material.
   We specialize in producing independent supplements for role playing game such as:
D&D Pathfinder Rune Quest II Traveler Gurps
and many more!  We are particularly interested in smaller and independent game systems.
The Sorcerer's Scrolls and Zarathustra Publishing
Will Be At Bubonicon This Year
BUT you will be able to find our merchandise
@ the table belonging to the wonderfull Mr. Robert Stikmanz
Other Cons we are considering:
   We are always looking for talented writers and artists.  Please feel free to send your submissions to us.  We will be happy to look them over and let you know if it is what we are looking for.
Please email us at:
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The Sorcerer's Scrolls is published on a quarterly basis by Zarathustra Publishing.
Zarathustra Publishing and The Sorcerer's Scrolls magazine would like to thank their friends for all of their help so far.
Thank you:
Robert Stikmanz, D.J. Fahl, and Gregory J. Saunders
The Title: The Sorcerer's Scrolls is owned by Mr. Nicholas Bergquist. It is used here with his permission.
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